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The Palm Pilot Pro
This personal digital assistant from 3Com weights a mere 6 ounce measuring 3.2 by 4.7 inches. which fits in my shirt pocket. This product costs one third to one fourth of the much larger Apple Newton. IBM has also licensed this technology as the Workpad. What I like most about this is the TCP/IP software. Which means, aside from the builtin Mail application, I can install a web browser, a telnet client, and possibly any program which would need a TCP/IP stack.

A large number of commercial, shareware, and freeware applications found on the Internet is also one of the reasons I decided to buy one. Which makes it more than an electronic organizer. It also has a backlight which is a very convenient feature for dark places.

PIM applications
To Do List
Memo Pad
Giraffe Game

Not So Technical Info
You enter text into the PalmPilot through a character recognition technology called Graffiti (which is quite good!) or by invoking its on screen keyboard.

All PalmPilots come with a CD-ROM containing the PalmPilot Desktop for Windows or Win95 which you use to view and edit entries for your AddressBook, To Do List, MemoPad, DateBook and Expense.

It comes with a cradle wich you connect to your PC's serial port so that you can HotSync and install new programs with your PC. HotSync is the term used for synchronizing information between your PalmPilot Desktop and your PalmPilot device.

For Mac users, you will need the Mac Pack. Alternatively, you can access a modem directly by buying a special modem cable accessory or building one of your own.

Potentially, you can also send faxes and print documents from this device which are still under development as of this writing.

Technical and Developer Information
The PalmPilot Pro is running on the Motorola 68328 CPU also known as DragonBall, a member of the 68000 family of processors found in the Classic Macintoshes.

This device has 1 MB of RAM, running on PalmOS 2.0 with a display area of 160x160 pixels and 4 levels of gray.

There are 2MB RAM upgrades available from third party manufacturers and a FLEX pager upgrade by Motorola is also in the works.

Useful Addons
Aportis Doc - the software formerly known as Doc, used for reading compressed documents on the Pilot.

Aportis BrainForest - hierarchical ToDo and MemoPad organizer.

TG Postman - a POP/SMTP e-mail application that dials to your ISP using a modem and the PalmPilot's serial port using the built-in TCP/IP stack.

TG Telnet - a telnet client that uses the built-in TCP/IP stack.

JFile - create databases on your Pilot.

Palmscape - textbased web browser.