Maya-Maya Reef Club

What You Can Do In Paradise

When lazy days are on your mind, think about our secluded shady hide-a-way in a tropical coconut grove in an area of sandy beaches caressed by crystal waters of the South China Sea.

You can dabble your toes in cool pools or immerse yourself in undersea adventures. Plunge into Maya-Maya’s realm of coral reefs and shipwrecks or just go fishing ---snoozing - dreaming about that big bite in the moonlight. Or get physical. Chase a ski-boat skimming across a mirrored cove. Thwack tennis balls in the sunshine. Pot pool balls at the bar. Fling feathered spears at the dartboard or scramble over the scrabble board. It is all here.

At the end of the day, after sunset cocktails and informal dining with good friends, when it comes time to place your head upon a pillow you will listen to ---- the sounds of silence.

Maya-Maya is no place like home. It is the Great Escape !

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