Maya-Maya Reef Club

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Mabuhay ! Aloha! Malolelei! Bula! Kia Ora! Gidday! Welcome!
to our little Paradise in The Islands of the Philippines.

Ever popular with influential Filipinos; the expatriate community of Manila and the movers and shakers of Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Maya-Maya loves visitors from near and far!

If it is peace and quiet away from the hurly burley of city life or just to commute with nature and new or old friends Maya-Maya is the place for you!

Maya-Maya is in the western part of Batangas Province. It is known as Manila’s closest clearwater resort and is jut 120kms by road or 40 nautical miles by sea or helicopter! We are easy to find!

Maya-Maya is so easy to get to - but so hard to leave!

Among the things to fill your leisure hours are: Scuba Diving or Snorkelling, Aquasports, Social Tennis, Golf, Beach-hopping and exploration of multitudinous coves.

A few days in Maya-Maya is as affordable as it is pleasant.

Our food is tasty, well prepared and reasonably priced! Our drinks are refreshing and served by pleasant waitresses.

View our photo library which includes: poolside, sunset shot, birds and bees, David "Mr. Kiwi" Stone, and the real boss!

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Ready to roll? Want to make a reservation? We also have Online Membership Application as well as Online Dive Registration.

Communicate by email with some of the many Maya-Maya Ambassadors and learn of their first-hand experiences at our favoured boutique resort in the Fiesta Islands of the Philippines.

Warren Cornelius (California, USA)
Steve & Suk Cales (Minnesota, USA)
Rick East (Toronto Canada)
Gary Taylor (Auckland, New Zealand)