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Property Management

Century Properties Management Inc. (CPMI) is a dedicated group of professionals highly trained in property and asset management. This includes the technical discipline of engineering, operations and maintenance of plant and equipment.

Building owners and tenants have an increasing expectation of high standards of property management both in terms of investment performance and service. The growing complexity of modern buildings and the increasing costs of operation and maintenance makes the use of professional property management services almost mandatory.

With our complete independence, and the experience and resources established in the management of our wide and varied portfolio, we offer owners and tenants complete management services on a very competitive basis.

As property managers, CPMI assumes full responsibility for day-to-day operations, maintenance, repairs, insurance and the collection of rental and management fees. We provide planned maintenance programs, establish sinking funds for capital replacement and monthly as well as annual reports. CPMI also handles all lease renewals and rent review negotiations.

CPMI, through a coordinated marketing and leasing strategy, can assure condominium owners of an optimized leasing income for their property. In today's competitive property market, managed and coordinated strategies for property leasing are vital. A haphazard approach utilizing multiple brokers can result in mistaken representation, and ultimately undervaluation. CPMI provides advice on rental positioning supported by our research data on vacancy factors, new supply and absorption rates. This information also provides guidance in establishing the correct mix of lease term during poor market conditions.

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